The Council of Community Services

  • Identifies community needs and solutions
  • Connects community to programs
  • Launches new programs



The Council of Community Services provides leadership for organizations and individuals in the areas of planning, information, and referral services to improve the quality of life in our communities.


The Council of Community Services was established in 1960 as a result and the efforts of over 70 community organizations who saw a need for comprehensive planning in the Roanoke Valley.

The Council of Community Services was established to promote the welfare of the Roanoke Valley community through the provision of a forum for the expression and the study of community needs; the survey and evaluation of resources available; the improvement of existing resources; and the establishment of new resources.


The Council of Community Services envisions a community in which organizations work collaboratively to increase social assets, expand access to resources, reduce redundancy and focus on human potential as the keys to economic development and individual well being. Through its mission to improve the quality of life for all, the Council serves as a central resource linking community, organizations and individuals by identifying needs through research, planning solutions, accessing services and evaluating results.


The Council of Community Services is committed to leadership that broadens social access to essential services for organizations and individuals in ways that are nonjudgmental, neutral, diverse and inclusive.

As a dynamic organization, the Council maximizes its impact through collaborative relationships, accountability and efficient allocation of its resources.

The Council operates with integrity in all of its relationships and models the high standards that it seeks to support in the community. These include basing decisions upon timely and accurate information, developing staff, recognizing achievements and communicating openly.

Key Messages & Talking Points

  • For 50 years, we have been the leader and central hub for identifying community needs and developing solutions to address these needs.

As a planning organization, we are constantly researching unmet and emerging needs for services such as health education, child care, and homeless management.

Planning – Tracks data to determine the extent the community is successfully addressing needs

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) РAlert the community when gaps in services are identified.  The information we gather supports programs and better solutions to improve the lives of both individuals and organizations in our community.

Ryan White – Provides data which helps identify strengths and weaknesses of healthcare services for those living with HIV

  • We are a central clearinghouse, a gateway connecting the community to programs that are best suited to address their needs.

Recognizing the diversity of community needs, the Council supports key programs.

HandsOn Blue Ridge – Connects individuals with opportunities to share their knowledge and experience through volunteerism, and builds the capacity of local organizations to utilize volunteer time and talent effectively.

The Drop-In Center – Provides a safe and confidential place for people to obtain information and resources about HIV/STD’s

2-1-1 VIRGINIA has one of the largest comprehensive databases of human service resources in the state.

2-1-1 – Connects individuals with resources to meet their needs

2-1-1 – Identifies community needs and trends which aid in community planning

  • The Council serves as a launching pad for developing new programs to meet emerging community needs.

When we come across a need that is not being met effectively, we leverage our resources to implement a program(s) to address that need head on.

Nonprofit Roanoke- Provides information and training opportunities to the region’s nonprofits to assist them in serving their clients

The Council has developed and fostered new programs including:

  • Adult Care Center of Roanoke Valley
  • Botetourt Resource Center
  • LOA – Area Agency on Aging
  • Teen Outreach Program (TOP)
  • Total Action For Progress¬†(TAP)