Every month you do not join the USDA Food Program or submit your claim, you lose money you could put back into your business or your bank account.

What are the Benefits of the CACFP?

  • Reimbursement money for nutritious meals
  • Annual Trainings, providing information and the chance to meet other providers just like yourself
  • Food safety tips
  • Nutrition updates
  • Calendar Keepers (while supplies last)
  • Brochures and booklets, such as: Making Healthy Food Choices, Hands-On Cooking Projects, Nutrition Guidance, and much more…

What Types of Meals Would I Be Required To Serve?

You are required to serve nutritious meals which meet U.S.D.A. guidelines for the children under the age of 13 years. The following is an example of an allowable lunch:

Meal Component Food Served
Milk Milk
Meat/Meat Alternate Fish Sticks
Vegetable/Fruit Green Beans
Vegetable/Fruit Pears
Bread/Bread Alternate Roll

Need a few more reasons? Look at these figures:

Money You Could Have Claimed Monthly Money You Could Have Claimed Yearly
Number of Children Tier One Tier Two Tier One Tier Two
5 $580.75 $468.75 $6,969.00 $5.625.00
3 $348.45 $281.25 $4,181.40 $3,375.00
1 $116.15 $93.75 $1,393.80 $1,125.00

Ready to give it a try? As soon as you are regulated, and have children in your care, call (540) 985-0131 ext. 601.