Contact Program Director

Drop-In Center
356 Campbell Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016
Information Line: 540.982.2437

Pam Meador
540.982.2437 ext. 101

As Director of the Drop-In Center, Pam Meador oversees the many programs supported at the
Center. Pam has been instrumental in the expansion of the HIV prevention program of the
Council, including securing federal funding to establish the Drop-In Center. Over the years she
has sat on numerous planning and advisory committees within the community. Pam currently
has been appointed to the Virginia Program Evaluation and Monitoring System (PEMS) Peer
Advisory Taskforce and acts as the PEMS Administrator for Southwest Virginia. In addition,
Pam acts as a grant reviewer for the CDC, Virginia Department of Health Institute for Youth
Development and several local entities.