Volunteer Generation Fund


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The Volunteer Generation Fund is a program authorized by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act to support voluntary organizations and state service commissions in boosting the impact of volunteers in addressing critical community needs.

In October 2014, the Council of Community Services submitted a proposal to the Virginia Office on Volunteerism and Community Service for the development of a school volunteer program in Roanoke County Public Schools. The proposal was funded through the Volunteer Generation Fund. The Council of Community Services will work to develop individual school plans needed to sustain effective volunteer programs. Beginning with four Title I elementary schools in Roanoke County, the Council of Community Services will develop and implement school volunteer programs with hopes to assist in the development of school volunteer plans for the entire Roanoke County public school system. Volunteerism in schools leads to greater individual student achievement and self-confidence, improved social relationships, better attendance, and improves school-community relations. Schools with volunteers are able to provide increased individual attention for students, develop stronger ties with the community, improve parent-teacher communication, extra hands-on projects and lesson extensions and can lead to high test/grades scores for their students.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are essential to enhancing the quality of student instruction and school experiences. The Council of Community Services is currently recruiting volunteers for four Title I elementary schools in Roanoke County. Volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check.


Amanda Holcomb, Program Manager at (540) 985-0131, ext. 503

Alison Jorgensen, Program Director at (540) 985-0131, ext. 502