Ryan White Client Resources

Ryan White & ADAP Eligibility Qualifications

  1. Provide documentation of HIV positive status
  2. Provide documentation of income at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty level.
  3. Have no health insurance or lack thereof including Medicaid and Medicare.

General Restrictions

  1. All Services must be HIV-related
  2. Inpatient services cannot be covered
  3. Payment for services requiring preauthorization is not guaranteed
  4. Payments for services cannot be made to the client or the client’s family
  5. All services are subject to the availability of funds
  6. Incarcerated clients are not eligible for services
  7. Services not covered by insurance may be covered

Services Covered by Ryan White Part B

  • Intake/Eligibility
  • HIV-related outpatient doctor visits
  • HIV-related lab Services
  • HIV-related medication assistance
  • Emergency dental care
  • Case management
  • Mental health counseling
  • Transportation to HIV medical, pharmacy, dental, and counseling appointments.

*All services are subject to availability of funds and may not be offered through all providers.

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Ryan White Part B Medication Services

AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance: Includes a limited number of medications associated with HIV and related conditions as set forth in the Virginia Department of Health ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) and Non-ADAP Drug Formularies.  Medications not found on these lists are unavailable through Ryan White.  For more information on ADAP, visit the Virginia Department of Health ADAP website.

For a list of Ryan White Part B covered medications:

Client Rights and Responsibilities

Click Here for a copy of the SPHCC Client Rights and Responsibilities.

Grievance Policy and Procedure


Clients may file a grievance if a request for services offered under the Ryan White Part B Program is denied or if they have any complaint or concern about the services received through their service provider or the Consortium. Clients have 90 days from the date of denial of services or complaint about the services received to file a grievance.
This policy only applies to services provided by the Southwest/Piedmont HIV Care Consortium funded under Part B of the Ryan White Program. Issues arising from services provided with funds other than Ryan White Part B may not be addressed through this process. This includes prevention services, Ryan White Part A, C, or D services, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), or any other services not funded by the Southwest Piedmont HIV Care Consortium.
Situations in which a grievance may be filed:

  • Denial of Services: A client is denied a service typically offered under the Ryan White Part B Program. A list of services offered with descriptions is in Chapter 3 of the S/PHCC Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Unfair or Unequal Treatment: Having a complaint or concern about a service received is when a client believes she/he has been treated unfairly or has received poor treatment by a service provider or by the consortium.
  • Breach of Confidentiality: If a subcontractor discloses any information about a client without written consent.
  • Involuntary Discharge from Any or All Services: Clients may be discharged with cause and notice. Clients must be made aware of any issues that may lead to an involuntary discharge in writing prior to being discharged.

Situations in which a grievance may not be filed:

  • Virginia Medication Formularies: Being denied a mediation that is not on either the Virginia ADAP or Non-ADAP Formularies. The process for adding medications is listed in the S/PHCC Policy and Procedures Manual under Chapter 3, Section 3, AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance.
  • Billing Deadlines: The Ryan White Part B year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year. ALL billing must be submitted to VDH by May 15 of each year. Bills cannot be carried over from year to year.
  • Availability of Funds: Denial of services or being placed on a waiting list due to a shortage of funds.
  • Subcontractor Personnel Issues: The Council of Community Services as the Lead Agency of the Southwest/Piedmont HIV Care Consortium has no authority to reprimand any individual employee of any subcontractor or service provider.

Grievance Process:

Click Here for a printable PDF version of the grievance form.