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Southwest Virginia Region Six Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

The Southwest Virginia Region Six VOAD, in partnership with the National VOAD and the Virginia VOAD, serves the residents of Alleghany County, Bath County, Bedford, Bedford County, Botetourt County, Covington, Craig County, Danville, Floyd County, Franklin County, Henry County, Martinsville, Montgomery County, Patrick County, Pittsylvania County, Roanoke County, Roanoke, and Salem.


The Southwest Virginia Region Six VOAD is an umbrella organization of human service  agencies, churches, and related groups that are willing to use their resources and expertise for the common good following a major disaster that results in human need.

The Southwest Virginia Region Six VOAD emphasizes cooperation, collaboration, and communication in delivery of disaster relief to those who can’t provide it for themselves.

Purpose: Experience has shown clearly that those states and communities with collaboration such as VOAD already in place and active are able to cope with a disaster’s impact much more effectively than those that have to organize themselves for the first time amid the chaos that accompanies such an event.  Voluntary groups that have planned together and with government response agencies can mobilize and move quickly to put their resources to work.

Government personnel and resources can  only stretch so far after a disaster. VOADs support the delivery of disaster services by their members; they do not themselves deliver the response and/or recovery service. They do not assume for themselves roles filled by their members. The VOAD role is to coordinate planning and preparation in advance of disaster incidents and operations.


The Southwest Virginia Region Six VOAD is a regional consortium of voluntary organizations working in conjunction with federal, state, and local disaster response professionals to enhance disaster preparedness, response, and recovery services to the residents of Southwest Virginia.

Our goal is to leverage the volunteer characteristics of our members to provide efficient, streamlined services to those affected by disaster.

Our guiding principles are:

    • Cooperation Foster cooperation among VOAD member organizations at all levels and in all phases of disaster.
    • Coordination Coordinate the development of VOAD policies and procedures, and, the implementation of services among VOAD member organizations. VOAD serves as advocate and liaison between member agencies and the Emergency Operations Center and local government first responders.
    • Communication Exchange and disseminate information among SWR6VOAD member organizations and the public, as well as local, state and federal agencies, in conjunction with the individual SWR6VOAD members.
    • Collaboration We dedicate ourselves to work together to achieve specific goals and to undertake specific projects at disaster sites. We form partnerships during disaster response.


There are two types of VOAD Members:

  1. Member – Organizations, which meet all of the following criteria, are eligible for the Partner category of membership in the Southwest Virginia Region Six VOAD.
    • Organizations with voluntary memberships and constituencies, which are not-for- profit, that is, those qualified under the IRS Code as 501c3.
    • Organizations with a disaster response program and policy for commitment of resources to meet the needs of people affected by disaster without discrimination.
    • Organizations which are at least regional in scope.
  2. Partner – The Partner category of membership may be granted to organizations, government agencies, or businesses with disaster planning and operations responsibilities or capabilities that do not meet all of the criteria for Partner membership and:
    • Have a disaster response program and policy for commitment of resources to meet the needs of people affected by disaster without discrimination.
    • Need not be statewide in scope.
    • Partner members have a voice but not a vote and may not hold any office.

A member organization agrees to participate in disaster relief activities within the Southwest Virginia service area to the best of their capability.

Member agencies will identify one or several response activities in which it has an interest, expertise or material, and/or human resources to share.  To be an effective relief organization the agency is expected to:

  • Maintain current contact information for the notification and activation of it’s members.
  • Develop an internal response plan that describes the members activities when called upon.
  • Provide it’s disaster relief services without discrimination.
  • Work to increase member response capability through planning, recruiting, training, exercise, equipment and supplies acquisition and other measures applicable to the members’ chosen response activity.
  • Participate in quarterly general membership meetings conducted to foster collaboration, cooperation, communication, and coordination information.

Current Members:

  • 2-1-1 Virginia
  • American Red Cross
  • Council of Community Services/HandsOn Blue Ridge
  • Lutheran Disaster Response/Lutheran Family Services
  • Roanoke Valley Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia
  • Virginia Baptist Mission Board

Governmental Partners:


Buena Vista

Virginia Department of Emergency Management


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